About Embedded Network Services

Embedded Network Services have grown to be one of Australia’s leading providers of embedded network utilities services. We are large scale to both private and public facilities, buildings and organizations spread all over the country.

We have been managing a portfolio of many energy accounts for many years in delivering energy administration services to clients.

Our major aims:

  • Lessen customers energy bills
  • Continuous management & reporting services
  • Get customers on best possible network tariff & least expensive energy rates
  • Provide customers with competitive SME and residential rates

Embedded Network Services offers large complexes or businesses a completely embedded network management service.

Our services range from:

  • Setting up the embedded network proprietor as a market contributor
  • Managing system control points
  • Energy reconciliation services
  • Reseller account computations

We also make certain that all our clients not just receive a general reduced energy bill they also get custom-made service and standard reports regarding their energy usage performance. This in addition to the value of energy distributed to their location.

Our Team

Our employees are some of the very best in the business and have years of experience in the embedded network sector.

We have worked in the installation and operation of many embedded network sites all over Australia, and internationally with diverse corporations and private entities.

  • PowerMaintenance PTY LTD one of the leaders in large industrial commercial energy markets and specialists in network charges. They work with us closely to maintain energy prices and provide regulatory compliance information.
  • JMS Automation is our preferred electrical engineers and electricians who service our needs for infrastructure installations or improvements.

Our Mission

Embedded network services are equipped to help you with all aspects of installing a functioning embedded network on your site. This includes:

  • Launching a thorough site feasibility study to verify probable revenues from on-selling of services for both existing and new sites.
  • Initiating site registration with the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) and offering counsel as regards the guiding principles for on-selling network services.
  • Protecting your asset with a platform that adjusts to specific features, applications and capabilities.
  • Secure your network platform from any unauthorized breach with the client and device verification, and threat management.
  • Provide constant operational counsel as regard to parent meter installation, recovery of relevant network charges and setting tenant price.

Benefits of working with Embedded Network services,

  • Minimized Energy cost
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Ongoing contract reports
  • Reliable Market analysis
  • Hands-on information
  • Quality Energy assurance
  • Excellent Customer service and billing system
  • Improved administrative processes
  • Compliance & Reporting to Regulatory bodies